Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today is Wednesday, and the start of the four-day `ole cycle on Ke Ala O Ka Mahina (the Hawaiian Moon Calendar). As is our practice, we honor the traditional approach of aligning with all that is -- like farmers and fisherfolk, we use the `ole days to review, weed, and rest the projects already began. There is plenty to reassess, parts in the building of VARDOFORTWO can continue although new projects will wait until after `ole days; there's a 100 Things Challenge to review and complete, a compost pile that needs turning, a kitchenette to clean, and horizontal time to refuel.

I usually refrain from new posts during the `ole cycles, yet if comments are made to posts I will reply(I reply to all comments); and if an email of import comes our way I may post it, too. If you haven't seen the 'WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES' Poll yet, it's to the left of this post. Vote if it interests/affects you. We'd love to hear from you.

So we'll be posting again after `Ole Pau (which is Saturday). A hui hou, Mokihana


Anonymous said...

This little hale looks so cute! Makes me want to crawl inside.

I am so off any proper moon calendar schedule-- scrambling like a crazy person with a 2,000 name database for my boss's holiday card. The work is so "not me." I can only rest when database locked, labels made, cards signed, envelopes stuffed and mailed. Many-day process. :-P

I will live these days of rest through you, ok?

Mokihana Calizar said...

Okay Susie, hiki no.

Anonymous said...

Hui Mokihana! I put the hale comment on the wrong post :-(

It's 10:30p and I am still lost in the mailing list database. A`ole hiki rest until this is done. This is my least favorite task each year. See you Saturday!