Wednesday, December 17, 2008

'OLE DAYS ... Wednes, Thurs, Friday

Today is the first of three `ole days. 'OLE DAYS according to KE ALA O KA MAHINA (THE HAWAIIAN MOON CALENDAR ) are days when the fisherfolk and farmers did not fish or plant new crops. Our kupuna (our ancestors) looked to Mahina, the moon's changing phases to remain in balance with the environment. Living in sync with the cycle of nature viewed through the illumination of the darkness is a very different perspective. Unlike the tracking of time on a linear calendar read in straight lines; ie. left to right or in columns top to bottom in a rectangle, the moon calendar we use is round like the moon.

We observe the `ole days as a time to re-view, re-new, re-fuel and re-connect our lives with all that is. Pete and I save new decisions on new projects for another day. New posts are made after the `ole days are over. Our next post will be Saturday, December 20th ... just in time to INVITE YOU TO JOIN US FOR THE WINTER SOLSTICE CELEBRATION AT SUNSET, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 21st. (See last Saturday's post).

A hui hou, Mokihana and Pete

The new KE ALA O KA MAHINA is now printed and available. For our readers who may be interested in purchasing one I've linked to the Kamehameha Publishing on-line store where you can buy one.

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