Saturday, December 20, 2008


This is JOTS ... Johnny On The Spot. Shortly after we settled into the Kitchenette a scrawny black kitty began showing up whenever we cooked chicken. Out of nowhere the little one was at my ankles and available for attention and chow. We weren't looking for a cat. In fact, our journey from O`ahu included a tragedy and loss of a very loved kitty friend, Spence ... and that is a chapter The Storyteller may have to tell ... in another place, another time. For now though, these pictures tell the story. In spite of my allergy to kitty dander JOTS has found a place in my heart where a special sort of filter allows me to find creative solutions to the problem.

ABOVE: Warm organic milk for the kitty. It's 18 degrees outside, and warm milk is the cat's meow.

She would love to be cuddled up inside the Kitchenette with us, and she made her way into that inner sanctuary a couple times during the past week. Pete's elegant solution has been 'building' VARDFORJOTS ... one step at a time: First the old cardboard box that carried something (tools/books?) from O`ahu to White Center. Next, Pete's wool thrift store sweater lined the cardboard box. Temperatures dropped below 40, a piece of foam board insulation went into the box, the sweater went on top of the insulation. Temperatures dropped below 32, the string of white fairy lights that brighten the window and table outside is long enough to wind in a circle under the sweater in the box. It warms the sweater, isn't hot enough to burn any thing and is now JOTS personal electric blanket. Blowing snow shows up, and an old flannel blanket from Joel's storage room becomes the roof for VARDFORJOTS.

You may not be looking to love, ahh... love may just be looking for you.

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