Saturday, December 20, 2008


VARDO .. is a Georgian word, a girl's name, meaning 'ROSE.'

VARDOFORTWO the blog is two months old. We have been building our home-to-be VARDOFORTWO since late July, just this summer past. Our goals for building both blog and home-to-be are the same: appreciate (love) what life offers, recognize and fuel the spark of hope that is always present though often buried in the challenges to survive multiple chemical sensitivities and environmental illness, and innovate/re-design and insight revolutionary possibilities when old versions no longer work. This week's DREAM COMING TRUE post focuses on this TRIO of Goals through appreciating the people and places that have given us hope to persevere.

THIS WEEK I HAVE $ 12,800 OF DREAM MONEY TO CONTINUE GROWING AN INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Folk with a vision and commitment to INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. The specifics of this dream are expanding. So far this I.C. might include:
  • Tiny Mobile or Moveable Homes built by and for the individual needs of its community members
  • With one or more permanent shared buildings; ie. kitchen/dining room; seed storage and growing room; clean and clear laundry facility
  • Organic gardens
  • Mobile Chicken coops
  • A Community-Based Savings and Loan modeled after community banks and investing in 'human capital' projects that are already working
WHAT OTHER THINGS WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN this dream? If you are interested in joining us for brainstorming and creating this I.C. please email us: ssvardoatgmaildotcom


1. I appreciate Susie Collins who writes THE CANARY REPORT because I see in her the heart of an innovator influenced by the affects of MCS, and fueled by something much greater than illness. THE CANARY BLOG has become a 'one stop shop' for me as I search for inspiration, hope and support for the illness that we have in common. The links and connections she has offered me and a blosphere of others is extraordinary. The personal care with which she send KAHEA (the call, the cry) for support when one of 'the flock' of canaries is down, is the stuff of holiness that makes being human an honorable tag.

2. I appreciate Turtle Woman and Mr. Pellet our friends who have made changes to their lifestyle to prepare their home and their land for the time when VARDOFORTWO is parked in the woods 100 feet from outdoor electrical outlet. These friends are our next step in learning to create an intentional community.

3. I appreciate Doug, Lois and Sigrid, The Mooney-Amona 'Ohana in Kailua, Moksha and Judy, Annette, Audrey, Koa and Phillip, Kaliko and Blake for their kindness and willingness to give us safe space during the year of diaspora and living without a home of our own.

4. I appreciate the beach park at The Tide Pools for the many nights of safety we experienced when there was no other place to be when night came.

5. I appreciate the support of the Seattle MCS group for being here to embrace us when we arrived, and continue to be a source of social and emotional connection.

6. I appreciate the endurance and determination I have that springs from The Source of All.

7. I appreciate my intuition that grows stronger because I encourage her.

8. I appreciate music from the radio.

9. I appreciate walking sticks that work in all weather.

10. I appreciate Pete. Period.


Anonymous said...

Awwww, that's so sweet of you, Mokihana. You made me so happy with that. Mahalo for the warm aloha. The feeling is mutual b/c I get much inspiration from you, and you remind me of things that my monkey mind tends to forget: the rhythm of nature, the need for rest and contemplation, trust that all things are possible. I am up too late tonight and your sweet message sends me off to good dreams. Be well tita and don't let Jack Frost nip your nose too bad. {{hugs & hugs}} Aloha, Susie

Mokihana Calizar said...

Susie, It's just what you deserve, making being human a very noble tag. We are working with Jack over here and the heater is goin' fo broke. A hui hou, Mokihana