Saturday, December 27, 2008


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New Moon in Capricorn
Saturday, December 27, 2008
4:22am PST

Today is the NEW MOON, in the sign of Capricorn. The moon was in the sign of Capricorn when I was born. This new moon is an important one for me, and it can be a very important time for any one to use the energy of ritual and intention to set goals for the future. I am not a teacher of astrology. I am a student of nature, a new earth soul with a spiritual memory and connection with ALL THAT IS; astrology is one way I stay connected. To be honest, being human is difficult for me. I don't get 'being human' without a great deal of effort. Many of my early years and challenges have been lived toughing it out under cover, not letting on, keeping any errant emotions and 'judged' weaknesses closeted. That's an almost impossible way to be human and in my case those emotions have simply gotten riled up inside for a very long time, but that's what some astrologers refer to as the initial half of a Capricorn's journey ... a tough go.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities have (plural ... many sensitivities, some not yet identified, others morphible) challenged my Capricorn Moon in an unlikely, yet uniquely right for me, way. I am in the second half of my life at sixty-one and I believe MCS is teaching me to COMMIT to being human. And human is not a solitary experience, like one of my favorite astrologers has suggested it's important to make 'suffering' public so the energy of the collective can shine on you. Of course, there is the down-side of that. There are negative forces who might prey on the weakness of your/my situation so Sensitives are often wise to remain protective of their episodes of grief. For me, on this DREAM COMING TRUE WEEK 9 post it's important for me to blather through and use the power of blog as a commitment to be human. Yesterday I had a winter melt-down and I let you in on it. I needed to allow myself the experience of grief, once again. Exposures trigger grief and fear. I asked for support from my long-time counselor and sister with MCS, my husband Pete, and my own dear self who knew the tired and true ritual of rest would work if embraced it, and not struggle. And through the blogsphere my favorite astrology consoled and reminded me the new moon is today.

I am better today, the fear and grief have passed, and taught me more about being human. The energy of the goat Capricorn inspires me to make use of all the Saturnian energy of this NEW MOON. Here is a link to a site I found very useful as Pete and I appreciate and prepare for our ritual of setting goals on the Capricorn New Moon:

Transforming our life with VARDOFORTWO is a long-term project, a real, adult project that will need more than wishing to make it happen. So as the year ends, I think my DREAM COMING TRUE Posts will also change. See if you catch the change.

THIS WEEK I HAVE $25,600 which I save to build our dreams.


1. I appreciate meditation.

2. I appreciate astrology.

3. I appreciate goofy songs like "The Hampster Dance Song"

4. I appreciate clean air to breathe.

5. I appreciate the smell of pineapple upside-down cake baking.

6. I appreciate process.

7. I appreciate the moon.

8. I appreciate the sun.

9. I appreciate the ocean.

10. I appreciate Pete.

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