Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Community Redeux

Since the summer of 2007 when Mokihana and I attended Jay's classes on Tiny Houses and began drawing up plans for our Vardo, I now count more questions than answers about the life before us. Adjusting to a winter climate once again makes me wonder, will spring and summer arrive in time to properly prepare for the next cycle of fridgid wonderland? How about the opportunity for work in economically challenging times for a guy who considers working an essential ingredient everyday? Will the right mix of community appear to share in creating a life of caring and sharing, while fully understanding flexibility of the mind might be following the same course as tightening of the muscles and joints after almost 60 years? Where can I join an organization that realizes an earth friendly future beyond the realm of Costco ect. ? The answers that I seek consistently present themselves all day everyday in many surprising encounters with fresh air, soft touches, shadows reveiled, whispered assurances and guidance to act. Which leads me to the conclusion that it is time to do some work. A Hui Hou, Pete

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