Tuesday, December 9, 2008

LATEST POLL and Newest Connections

The results of our latest Poll are in and we see that Multiple Chemical Sensitivities is no stranger to our visitors.

11 votes were cast in our week-long poll

9 people live with MCS

2 people know people who live with MCS

2 people are aware of MCS

We have connected with two MCS innovators who are building tiny houses on a trailer. Leslie Lawrence is having beautiful tiny homes (two of them)built in Bend, Oregon. Her safe homes are a fantastic example of innovation born from adversity. Leslie's 'main house' is huge in comparison to VARDOFORTWO with wonderful features that will coccon her life and her priorities beautifully. We have begun comparing notes and as our findings grow I'll share them here. Leslie has a website that's worth checking out. The second MCS trailer builder is Tom Riddle of Ontario. We discovered Tom when we noticed we had a new 'FOLLOWER' on our HomePage. Tom has a blog called MCS Trailer Build.

The need for safe homes is among the most important, if not the most important factor for sustaining health and well-being. This is true for any and all beings. For those of us who live with multiple chemical sensitivites and environmental illness a safe home is like the tide ... it comes and then it goes. Within the society and culture of industrialization "housing" has become a dirty word. (No offense to good old non-polluted, organically rich earth) Buildings are made with materials that are toxic, playing nasty tricks on us while being put together and off-gas sickening smell long after they're built. Each time one of us Canaries is able to get beyond the stink of 'nasty tricks' and is fueled/inspired/motivated to build a different future in homes (not housing) like Leslie's, Tom's, and VARDOFORTWO, we create new blueprints ... maybe we'll call them something different, like lifeprints. Canaries served miners as they dug the bowels of Mother Earth, but they died in service. Just why were they/are they digg'n around in the Mother, anyway! We Canaries suffer fates like our feathered family, and yet there is a stirring in the wind tht could make such a positive difference. The chirping and the elbow grease an mcs canary musters is the sort of innovative craziness it'll take to be safe at home. "Safe at home on the Planet," now that has a great ring to it.

Keep spreading the word about innovators, hope-givers and builders of lifeprints. We have it in us to live like seeds reaching for the sun with our roots in organic dirt ... all we need is a good soaking to remove our enzyme inhibitors. (see my comment and reply to ANONYMOUS IN YESTERDAY'S POST "Some things change ...)

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

OMG Mokihana! I got so excited that you found this blog and website! I am in AWE of the canaries who are building their own homes. It is SO exciting!!

Mokihana Calizar said...

Susie, the nets are working, so if we keep chirping Papa Honua will know the canaries song is making a whole lot of difference. Chirp, chirp!!