Monday, December 22, 2008

NEWEST POLL: HEALTH CARE for FOLK living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

RE: HEALTH CARE POLL ... vote for as many answers that apply to you.

I have just posted our newest poll, and it's a question that I am boggled by every month ... every time it comes time for me to mail a check to pay for my health insurance. My relationship with the existing traditional western medicinal system is difficult. I have very little trust in the system as a whole and yet I have continued to pay nearly $300 a month for a service I fear. Is that a sign of disfunction or what? Susie Collins over at The Canary Report has once again been stirred (thanks to one of our vigilant sister canaries, Linda) to raise the issue of safe services or not so safe services of the medical variety. There are two very important posts on Canary, and rather than repeat them here at VARDOFORTWO, I encourage you to read the articles and comments Susie has collected.

The poll I have created is a way for me to sort through the contradictions I feel about health care, health insurance and the risks involved in using facilities/services/products that are known to make me sick or sicker. There are patient advocacy and preparedness steps sited in Susie Collins' post about MCS in a hospital setting, that can be made in advance, and I will review them to see how I could reassure myself. The experience of being on the continent where Winter snow and ice presents further challenges to remaining 'safe', adds to my swirl of confusion. One of our Canary friends slipped while on a wintery walk last week, and broke her ankle. Her sensitivities did not prevent her from managing a hospital stay and surgery to repair the break. I'm not sure I could make that same choice?

How do you choose to care for yourself when it comes to medical-hospitalization and wellness decisions? Your vote on the poll and any comments and experiences, or your email on the subject would be so appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I recommend you stay away from HMOs if at all possible. They will do everything they can to not pay out. Also, you might consider catastrophic health insurance coverage rather than full coverage, it costs less (about half) and would keep you from going bankrupt in the event of a major illness or surgery. The deductible can be $5K or your choosing. I esp recommend catastrophic for anyone who owns property and/or a home and is not covered through their employer. Then you can just pay out of pocket for your alternative care or allopathic care and not worry about going bankrupt or being denied care for a serious and expensive problem.

Mokihana Calizar said...

Susie, Thanks for your view. Catastrophic coverage is something I have looked at in the past, and will again. I gave myself some room ... and some slack yesterday, paid the premium for the rest of the year and then will move on to something you describe above. Mahalo.